What exactly will happen?

overnight summer camp

During the week participants may find themselves feasting on delicious meals harvested from farm or forest plants and animals, developing strength and agility with a capoeira kick or yoga posture, mixing clay to build an outdoor pizza oven, or playing a game in the forest that trains survival skills. There will be a wide range of facilitated activities, all designed to have fun connecting to the earth, such as:

  • Farming and gardening
  • Wild foraging in the forest
  • Survival skills
  • Capoeira, yoga, storytelling
  • Ecological building
  • Music sessions
  • Visual arts
  • Lots of cooking and eating

To top it all off, participants will receive a certificate of completion that will attest to the skills and capacities that they developed during the week.


We seek to assemble a diverse group of adolescents for a unique program of activities rooted in earth-based philosophies, to promote an exchange of thoughts, histories and cultural dialogues and to promote youth empowerment and mobilization.

Wait, how do I apply?

The first step is to fill in the application form:

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Here are some important details about us and about the week in general that we suggest you read carefully before applying:

Our Values

The Farm and Wilderness camp believes in rooted and compassionate ways of being, thinking, and interacting with nature and one another. Thus:

  • We believe in creating spaces of meaningful discussion, learning, and exchanges between diverse people.
  • We believe that people's’ struggles with oppression and injustice as well as peoples’ healing and empowerment are intertwined with our connections to the land.
  • We believe in practicing an alternative education style that encourages our human potential and acknowledges our multiple types of intelligences and skills.


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