The overall objective at Camp Amy Molson is to provide a happy, healthy, vigorous, warm, and exciting atmosphere for all campers.

Programs and activities offered during your child's stay at Camp Amy Molson include arts & crafts, sports, music, sport and cooperative games, live arts, swimming, boating, pottery, nature lore, library. There is also archery, hiking, basketball, and a hebertism course.



  • To introduce elementary skills in archery.
  • To promote hand-eye coordination, dexterity, patience, following direction, develop an understanding of safety procedures.
summer camp arts and crafts

Arts & Crafts

  • To enable the campers to be creative in different ways
  • To provide the campers with opportunities to express themselves through art
  • To enable the campers to discover that they can create games and toys through crafts
summer camp arts

Live Arts

  • To develop self-esteem and confidence through participation in the performing arts
  • To create enthusiasm among all campers and staff in stage performances, including dance, drama, improvisation, mime, etc.
summer camp swimming


  • To provide the opportunity for all campers to learn to swim with confidence or improve their skills
  • To create a safe and fun environment during free swim
summer camp music


  • To encourage the campers to learn to respect and enjoy music
  • To ensure the campers have fun while learning new songs and dances
summer camp boating


  • To teach campers how to row a boat
  • To teach and enforce boating rules and water safety
  • To provide an enjoyable water experience
summer camp nature

Nature Lore

  • To enable campers to learn about nature and grow to love the outdoors
  • To develop an appreciation and respect for the environment
summer camp library


  • To provide all campers access to books
  • To encourage the campers to read and staff to read to the campers
summer camp farming


  • To teach campers how to grow and harvest fresh vegetables
  • To teach eating healthy through easy and simple cooking methods
  • To compost all the waste that comes from camp
summer camp sports

Sports & Cooperative Games

  • To encourage the campers to participate in all activities regardless of their ability
  • To promote cooperation in all sports activities
  • To promote activities for future enjoyment
  • To promote cooperation through games
  • To encourage teamwork while learning new fun games

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Time - Begin Time - End Bell Activity
7:00 Staff Wakeup
7:30 Bell Camper Wakeup
8:00 Bell Flag Raising
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Cabin Cleanup
9:30 10:30 1st Activity/Junior Free-Play
10:30 11:20 (End of Free Play) 2nd Activity
11:30 12:20 3rd Activity
12:30 Bell Line-up at Bell
12:45 Lunch
1:30 Rest Hour
2:30 Bell 4th Activity / Senior Free Play
3:20 Bell (End of Free Play)
3:20 Tuck (snack for campers)
3:40 5th Activity
4:40 6th Activity
5:40 Bell Meet at Bell
5:55 Supper
6:30 Bell Evening Free Play
7:30 Bell Meet at Bell for Evening Program
8:00 Camper Bed time


Overnight Summer Program

Camp Amy Molson is first and foremost a summer camp for youth from and around the Montreal area. We have 144 spaces for children aged 5-14 and have a rich and vibrant program. The main goal and purpose of Camp Amy Molson is to give children an exciting and fun summer holiday which allows them to grow and mature while developing and learning valuable life skills and abilities. Campers enrolled in our overnight summer program are cared for by a well-trained staff of young adults who have been handpicked by the administration team to ensure that each and every child registered is given the utmost care, attention and equally as important, affection.

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LIT Program

Our special LIT Program is one of our proudest additions to the overnight summer camping program. Specifically designed for campers who are 13 years of age, the goal of the LIT program is to further develop our campers into strong leaders in their homes and in their communities. The program operates outside of the regular schedule and is overseen by two counselors as well as the LIT Coordinator who develops the curriculum and programming as well as oversees the program. The LITs participate in workshops and team-building challenges to better learn how to develop the skills they will utilize in everyday life.

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LIT Advance

The LIT Advance program is specifically designed for 14-year olds who have either completed our LIT program or have the maturity to participate. The purpose of the LIT Advance is to further the training with the campers which was started in the LIT program as well as to give them hands on experience in different roles at camp. LITAs are overseen by our Training Director who in addition to planning their schedules with them and running specialized programming, also provides formal and informal feedback in order to develop their skills early on and continually throughout the summer.

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The vegetables at Camp Amy Molson started in 2011 with the Garden Program that often fed the local deer, gophers and sometimes the kids and staff at camp. Since then our plots have grown and our fencing has gotten stronger as has our conviction that getting hands dirty, planting seeds and watching them grow and pulling food from the soil are the most fun and delicious ways to foster healthy attitudes towards food and our environment.

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Farm And Wilderness Camp

What, what!?

Young Roots Farm at Camp Amy Molson is offering our annual five-day camp experience that will immerse youth between the ages of 12-17 in wilderness, farming, mindfulness, and eco-building skills!

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