Camp Counselor

Counselors are what makes camp so memorable. They are responsible for the care of a group of 5 -7 boys or girls in a cabin and during the course of a day, responsible for getting the children up, dressed, and ready for the day. They are also responsible for getting the camper group to their meals, and activities and putting them to bed at night. They have to do their best to ensure that the children have a fun and healthy camping experience.


  • Ensure that all campers assigned to your cabin and traveling partners' cabin are supervised and safe at all times.
  • Supervise all aspects of the daily camper routine for assigned campers. This includes Wake-up, cabin clean-up, hygiene, meal time, rest hour, evening program, bedtime, and night duty.
  • Complete duties in a timely manner and respect all deadlines:
    • Behaviour Reports
    • Camper postcards/letters
    • C.I.T. evaluations
    • Evening program performances
    • Camp Evaluations
  • Being punctual and respecting the schedule is crucial for the success of our camp program which includes but is not limited to:
    • Free-play duties
    • Meetings
    • The Bell
    • Curfew
    • Camper meds
    • Night duty
    • Activities
  • Participate and attend all activities relating to the campers: evening program, free plays, picnics, overnights, special days, the bell, tribal spirit, etc.
  • Provide a safe and clean cabin for the campers assigned to your cabin.
  • Confidentiality is respected regarding the camper's medical, behavioral, or family history. Relevant information is shared only with persons who require such knowledge.
  • A collaborative relationship with a tribal rep for special days, bell, night duty, tribal bonding/spirit, picnics, and free play duty.
  • Ensuring a fair break system is established between all co-workers


Experience working with kids

18 yrs old


Experience as driver

License for 3 yrs

Salary: 2,500 - 3,000

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