L.I.T Coordinator

If you're passionate about creating a program that focuses on child development and learning then this is the position for you. The LIT Coordinator works closely with the two LIT leaders to coordinate, plan and implement workshops and activities that have a strong focus on building leadership. In this role, you will be expected to plan out different focuses for the different sessions and ensure that the workshops that are prepared are in line with the needs of the campers participating in the program. You will also manage the overall group and focus on creating a strong team dynamic in order to achieve greatness in each session. I'm excited just thinking about it and if you are as well, apply!


  • To ensure that the L.I.T. program is running smoothly by developing and implementing an effective program (with workshops that meet the needs of the group and the individual LITs)
  • Ensuring that all LITs assigned to both cabins are supervised and safe at all times
  • Ensure that there is regular communication with staff who will have LITs assisting them (in a cabin or activity station)
  • Assisting with aspects of daily camper routine for assigned LITs (This includes: wake-up, cabin clean-up, hygiene, mealtime, rest hour, evening program, bedtime, and night duty.)
  • Assist leaders in the submission of Behaviour Reports, letters, lesson plans, and evaluations of the LIT.
  • Participate and attend all activities relating to the campers: evening program, free plays, picnics, overnights, special days, the bell, etc.
  • To know the whereabouts of LITs at all times


To provide vulnerable children with a happy, outdoor holiday where
campers can build self-esteem, develop positive relationships and learn valuable life skills in a context that
promotes group learning and nurtures each child individually.


Acquainting yourself with the camp personnel, policies, and practices, as well as the goals and objectives of camp.

Supervisor/ Evaluated by:

Training Director

Salary: 2,900 - 3,200

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