Farm Apprentice

We are seeking someone to join our team who is excited by the unique challenges and rewards of growing food and working with youth.

The Farm Team consists of the Farm Director, Farm Educator, Entrepreneurship Coordinator, and Farm Apprentice. We work closely together throughout the year and cover a lot of ground! The Farm Apprentice’s role would be to spend the spring learning to help run the farm (seeding, harvesting, bed preparation, watering schedules etc.) and then incorporate that knowledge to help run workshops with youth during summer camp season and keep the farm producing.

  • Contract Details: 19 weeks (Main season) plus part time in the fall

*five days off may be taken during the contract. To be negotiated between Farm Educators and acting supervisors.


Tasks will include but are not limited to:

  • Working with the the team to grow food and manage the farm ecosystem while maximizing ecological diversity and processes.
  • Working with the Farm Director to become confident in planning and executing seeding, harvesting, and food storage.
  • Laborious tasks such as putting up fences, weeding, bed shaping, wheelbarrowing etc.
  • Assisting in planning and building the garden beds (including ordering seed, compost, and tools).
  • Delivering engaging programming (cooking, harvesting, games, environmental lessons) to youth aged 5-13 years old
  • Composting food waste from the kitchen.
  • Assisting in other aspects of camp life (carnival days, evening program, keeping the peace in the dining hall).


To provide underprivileged children with a happy, outdoor holiday where
campers can build self-esteem, develop positive relationships and learn valuable life skills in a context that promotes
group learning and nurtures each child individually.


We are seeking candidates with:

A passion for food and working with children and youth.
Energy, enthusiasm, and sensitivity for working with children from different backgrounds.
Adaptability to the fluid demands of farming and working with youth.
Strong leadership skills.
Ability to work in physically demanding conditions (rain, cold, bugs).
Ability to deal with rustic living conditions.
Fluency in English. Fluency in French also an asset.
A valid Quebec drivers license is an asset.

We encourage applicants from underrepresented or marginalized communities to apply.

A stipend of $250/week, room and board, and transport to Grenville-sur-la-rouge weekly will be provided for the spring season (April 29 - June 23nd). The standard camp salary will apply for the camp season ($1800-$2200 depending on experience) (June 23 - August 18). Pay for subsequent work after August 18 depends on availability.

Supervisor/ Evaluated by:

Acting Supervisors: Farm Director and Camp Director, Camp Amy Molson

Salary: TBD

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