Lifeguard 2023

Lifeguards play an integral role at Camp Amy Molson by helping to make sure that the campers are safe at our pool and our waterfront. Camp Amy Molson hires a number of lifeguards (4-5) ranging in experience from our junior lifeguards, to our senior lifeguards and finally to our head lifeguard.

If you feel like this is the area that you would best fit we encourage you to apply.


  • Developing a safe waterfront that offers a well-rounded program of instructional and recreational activities
  • Assisting in the teaching of waterfront skills.
  • Surveillance of swimming areas during recreational programs.
  • Maintenance and care of aquatic equipment and pool.
  • Strict adherence to the Quebec Camping Association/National Lifeguarding Society pool/waterfront regulations.
  • On-going evaluation of waterfront programs.
  • Assist in special days with other program staff and participate in all tribal activities such as picnics, night duties, meal time, and camper bedtime.
  • All lifeguards will rotate Health Centre duty on a nightly basis. As well as respecting our confidentiality policy.
  • Being punctual and respecting the schedule is crucial for the success of our camp program which includes but is not limited to:
    • Free-play duties
    • Meetings
    • The Bell
    • Curfew
    • Activities
    • Daily cleaning duties
  • Stimulating interest and participation in their area.
  • Keep an updated inventory of supplies at the start and end of the season to be handed to Supervisor.
  • Developing and submitting lesson plans to the Program Director prior to the start of every cycle.
  • Assist in packing for picnics.


18 yrs old

NLS Pool Certification


NLS Beach and Waterfront

Experience working as a lifeguard

Salary: TBD

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