Head Cook 2021

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Mhmmmm Something smells delicious in the kitchen and thats where you come in. It takes a lot of work to make meals for over 200 people three times a day but if you're passionate about kitchen life and the culinary arts than this is the position for you, head over to the application page and whip up something incredible!


  • To supervise in the preparation and serving of healthy, hearty,
  • nutritious meals to all campers and staff as approved by the Montreal Dietary Dispensary.
  • Assist in reducing the waste that exits the Dining Hall by composting and recycling.
  • To establish and maintain a good rapport with kitchen and other staff.
  • To maintain a clean and healthy work environment as per the Ministry of Agriculture Fishing and Nutrition requirements
  • To order provisions and supplies and to develop a working relationship with all suppliers
  • Help in the preparation of tuck, picnics and other programming needs as requested by Sr. Staff
  • To follow prepared menu as posted, including vegetarian choices.
  • To keep an up to date inventory of food and supplies.
  • To spend the budget adequately to ensure that there is ample food for campers and staff at every meal.
  • To make the necessary adjustments where possible based on the feedback in the camp evaluations at the end of every session.
  • To ensure the kitchen and dining hall is thoroughly cleaned and arrangements made to store and/or discard leftover food on the last day of camp.
  • To prepare a list of equipment to be purchased and repairs that need to be done, for the kitchen, for the following year.


To create a happy and healthy, vigorous, warm and exciting atmosphere for campers and staff.

Supervisor/ Evaluated by:

Executive Director

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