Director of Maintenance

Location: Grenville Sur La Rouge, Quebec


Ensure the proper maintenance of all buildings and the grounds so that all aspects of the property are clean, safe and enjoyable. This includes carrying out upgrades, repairs and preventive maintenance on equipment, buildings, and trees. Cutting the grass; cleaning the facilities, as well as building new installations as needed.


  • Ensure that all maintenance and up-grading is completed within budget and agreed upon time frame (pool, maintenance, household & cleaning).
  • Ensure that all supplies for renovations and repairs and up-grading are procured at competitive prices through reliable suppliers. For each job that requires a quotation at least two should be obtained.
  • Be responsible for all maintenance activities related to the opening, running and closing of the camp to ensure that the camp is in good condition, safe, secure, hazard-free, clean and attractive. Opening and closing should be completed within the appropriate time frame. For the summer season of 2021, and 2022, this will be done under the guidance and supervision of the Caretaker.
  • Prepare a final year-end report of the camp repairs, renovations and up-grading that was completed as well as those that you have identified and prioritized for the upcoming season.
  • Provide for the Executive Director any reports necessary concerning the maintenance of the camp or any new structures.
  • Ensure the camp meets the necessary C.I.T.Q. standards to achieve 3 or more stars as agreed upon by the board.
  • Attend maintenance meetings as required.
  • Other maintenance tasks necessary for the operation of the camp.
  • Create the maintenance manual which should include pertinent details on certain tasks based on the training and guidance from this year. Update the maintenance manual as needed.

Communication Skills

The Director of Maintenance must have effective communication skills:

  • With colleagues: the staff, Caretaker, and Leadership Team
  • With Immediate Superior and Members of the Board
  • With Resource Persons: Suppliers and government employees
  • With the Community: Parents, Children, Grenville and Hawkesbury authorities and community.

Required Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge of:
Various types of maintenance requirements and standards.


  • Financial: Ability to produce a budget and control expenses of maintenance activities ( includes pool, maintenance plus cleaning and household).
  • Interpersonal: See Communication above.
  • Linguistic: Ability to communicate orally in English and French.
  • Technical: Ability to perform most minor maintenance or construction work and supervise other maintenance jobs.
  • Supervisory: Ability to supervise the work of contractors, suppliers, volunteers and temporary help as needed and negotiate the details and best pricing for the work and/or contracts.

Working Conditions:

  • Equipment: Small maintenance equipment.
  • Physical: Ability and willingness to participate in all maintenance work.
  • Expected Hours:
    1. While camp is in session: on call 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
    2. Opening and Closing: (Spring and Fall): approximately 40 hours/week.

Minimum Credentials

  • Relevant maintenance experience


  • Salary: to be negotiated. Salary increases based on performance appraisals, camp finances permitting.

Resumes to be sent to:

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