Session 4 Summer Program

What, what!?

Young Roots Farm at Camp Amy Molson is offering our third annual five-day camp experience that will immerse youth between the ages of 12-17 in wilderness, farming, mindfulness, and eco-building skills!


August 21-25, 2017

What exactly will happen?

During the week participants may find themselves feasting on delicious meals harvested from farm or forest plants and animals, developing strength and agility with a capoeira kick or yoga posture, mixing clay to build an outdoor pizza oven, or playing a game in the forest that trains survival skills. There will be a wide range of facilitated activities, all designed to have fun connecting to the earth, such as:

•  Farming and gardening,

•  Wild foraging in the forest

•  Survival skills

•  Capoeira, yoga, storytelling

•  Ecological building

•  Music sessions

•  Visual arts

•  Lots of cooking and eating

To top it all off, participants will receive a certificate of completion that will attest to the skills and capacities that they developed during the week. More schedule details to come during the month of June.


We seek to assemble a diverse group of adolescents for a unique program of activities rooted in earth-based philosophies, to promote an exchange of thoughts, histories and cultural dialogues and to promote youth empowerment and mobilization.

How much does it cost?

The program is offered on a sponsorship or solidarity sliding scale between $200 and $800 for the week. This includes food, lodging, transportation, staff and all activities. You will need to specify in your application

 click here to apply

which option you and your parent/guardian can afford. For participants who cannot afford payment there are also several spots available on sponsorship. That means we have 5 options for payment:

•  sponsorship (several spots available free of charge)*

•  $200 (low income)

•  $400 (middle income)

•  $600 (upper income)

•  $800 or more (We <3 Farm Camp!)**

*The sponsorships are available for participants who do

not have the means to pay for camp. If this applies to you,

we encourage you to apply for the sponsorship. If you are

granted the sponsorship, you will be required to participate

in two skype or in person conversations with the camp

coordinators prior to camp wherein you will take part in

shaping the camp experience through your input.

**Please keep in mind that the actual cost of the program

is $800, and that without that, it relies on a lot of volunteer

work. The sliding scale model relies on honesty, so we trust

you to pay what you can.

Wait, how do I apply?

The first step is to fill in the application form:

 click here to apply

We will review all the applications and respond to let you know if you have been accepted or put on a waiting list.

Then you have until May 12 to submit your payment, if applicable, and registration form.


Following that we will be in touch with you in the month of June with information and details so that you are prepared to come to camp in August.


On the morning of August 21 you will be collected from a pick-up point and driven to camp. You will stay at camp for the following five days of awesomeness, and will be driven back to your pick-up point the afternoon of August 25.


Here are some important details about us and about the week in general that we suggest you read carefully before applying:


Our Values

The Farm and Wilderness camp believes in rooted and compassionate ways of being, thinking, and interacting with nature and one another. Thus:

We believe in creating spaces of meaningful discussion, learning, and exchanges between diverse people.

We believe that peoples’ struggles with oppression and injustice as well as peoples’ healing and empowerment are intertwined with our connections to the land.

We believe in practicing an alternative education style that encourages our human potential and acknowledges our multiple types of intelligences and skills.


About the Young Roots Team

Liang Cheng

Liang is an admirer and aspiring practitioner of unmechanised, low-input farming systems, harkening back forty centuries. His daily routine involves reconciling this romantic view of agriculture with modern realities while designing ways for earthworms, vegetables and chickens to compete with Youtube for head space. So far, he has found deliciousness to be the most reliable meme and hopes to continue adding to the list of vegetables gone viral at camp (that currently includes grilled zucchini and stir fried garlic scapes).



Derek Myatte

(C.A.M’s young farm prodigy), Derek was a camper back in 06 and then came back the following as a L.I.T. (Leader in training). Derek has a passion to work with youth and Camp Amy Molson is a second home to him–he came back as a C.I.T./JC/counselor from 2009 to 13. He grow close to Liang and started to find himself growing an explosive eagerness for gardening/farming and land-based education. Derek likes to teach the campers through his Enthusiasm and OUTGOING charismatic personality in the garden. Derek is going to be a part of the farm team for his 4th summer now.



Valerie Gabriel

A 27 year old Mohawk of Kanehsatake, Valerie Karoniotakwen Gabriel is the owner of Kanehsatake Farm, a certified organic farm located on Kanehsatake Mohawk Territory, in Quebec, Canada. Having graduated from Montreal’s Vanier College in Environmental and Wildlife Management, her early years were focused on deploying geographical information systems while gathering environmental data and carrying out field assessments. Her experience in studying natural habitats and ecosystems would serve as a primer for her later entry into organic agriculture. Along with her environmental and agricultural pursuits, Valerie also holds certification as a yoga instructor and spends a portion of her time teaching the discipline to youth groups in and outside of her community. Valerie brings fire to the Young Roots’ Farm and Wilderness Camp as a dynamic youth worker leading and participating in workshops on yoga, farming, wilderness survival skills, and grounded ceremony.



Camila Gordillo

Hi everyone! My name is Camila and I was born and raised in Montreal and with ties to the Andes/South America. I’m passionate about the outdoors, medecines and dancing, and have been involved in farming, media and education over the past years.


I’m super excited to be part of Young Roots farm! I will be there when people need a person to talk to, but will also lead dancing, farming and forest activities using storytelling, the magic of science and critical thinking.



Myrah Graham

Myrah is in university studying the environment and sustainability. Her love of gardening and Earthships have fueled her work through various volunteering opportunities and seasonal work worldwide. At Young Roots, she is the mouse behind the curtain; bringing her passions and talents to her work in the planning, communications, and hands on support that a DIY organization requires.



Kai Thomas

Kai’s work of the heart has been on small-scale farms for two seasons, and in community spaces for five years channeling his passions for land-based learning, creative story-telling and capoeira into a variety of workshops, initiatives, and events. In spring of 2016, he attended the academy of Earthship Biotecture to learn sustainable building methods which he applies to designing and leading Young Roots farm’s building projects. Kai also works as a main support on the farm tasks, an outdoor educator, and capoeira workshop leader.

Affordable overnight camp

Camp Amy Molson is a affordable sleep-over camp for inner-city Montreal children, aged 5 to 13 years old. Camp Amy Molson offers 3 sessions of 15 days each.

The staff-to-camper ratio is better than one to three, so that all the youngsters are guaranteed very personal care.

With a sliding scale for registration fee's Camp Amy Molson tries to make camp an affordable option to all families.

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9:00 AM – 3:00 PM



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