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Suzie was 4 years old when she and her twin sister spent their first summer at Camp Amy Molson. She graciously

offered to share her experience with us as follows:

My father was a widower, raising 5 children. The social worker following our case suggested to my father that he

send us to camp for two weeks so that he could have some time to himself. I cried boarding the bus and several

times during that first week at camp. Luckily, I had a wonderful counsellor who was very sweet and by the end of

the second week, I was begging my father to return. From 1990 to 1999, my sister and I went to camp, every single

session, every summer. There was never a question whether we would be going to camp.

I remember one cool night at the end of the summer. The weeklong rain battering the tin roof of the Rec. Hall

while tiny voices filled the air in a broken melody “Friendship is the strangest thing, if you keep it to yourself, no

reward it will bring, but you gave it away and you gave it to me.” The soft music surrounded me and filled my heart

with tears. My tiny body was wrapped in the warmth of my counsellor’s arms. One lone teardrop fell from my

counsellor’s eyes and landed upon me, running its own streak down my face. Being too tired and scared, I did not

attempt to move it. Instead I let it burn into my memory as a token of her affection. The moment was forever

etched in my mind and it was the most beautiful moment of my camp life as a camper.

Six years later, I returned to camp but this time as a counsellor. I found myself reminiscing and realizing that

everything the kids do today, we did years ago. I noticed the children’s laughter, the twinkle in their eyes and most

importantly I noticed their uncanny ability to free themselves from the city and for many of them, its heartaches.

C.A.M. has a wonderful program that focuses on providing youth with practical life skills. I feel lucky and honoured

that I got to spend every year of my childhood at camp. I learned so much about myself and others. I gained skills

that have followed me into adulthood. I learned how to be resilient, that it was okay to fail and to take risks. It

taught me that I am capable if only I try. I got to take risks and learn from them in a supervised and supportive

environment. How many kids can say that they spent their summer doing archery, swimming in a lake, boating,

making pottery all while building life-long friendships. I learned that I could make decisions without the help of my

father. This helped me gain independence and a sense of self. Moreover, it made me understand what it takes to

be a good leader. That leadership is not always the person who is the loudest. At camp, I could be my true self. It

was a blank slate where I did not have to worry about my city life. I also gained a love for nature and the outdoors.

Breathing fresh air, seeing wild deer and making friends with frogs are experiences that simply cannot be

reproduced in the city. The sense of family and belonging that one gets at C.A.M. is like no other. It was and will

always be the one place in the whole world where I feel safest. Camp Amy Molson was and will always be my

second home.


Please help us provide other children like Suzie with this valuable life experience that provides children with

essential skills that can transform their lives. This is especially true for our campers that in most cases, come from

challenging inner-city, family environments.


Your donation to Camp Amy Molson goes towards the $300 we need to subsidize the stay of each camper. Any

donation you give us helps us immensely and ensures our campers can grow up to make an impact on our entire



Thank you so much for donating!


As a not for profit charitable organization, Camp Amy Molson relies on the generosity of individuals, foundations, corporations and community groups to help us provide our summer camping program to underprivileged inner city Montreal children. There are many ways you can make a gift to support Camp Amy Molson:


  • A one time or monthly donation
  • Apply to receive a matching grant from your workplace
  • Give an in kind gift
  • Volunteer with a group of co workers or friends for the day
  • Memorial Gift
  • Send a child to camp


All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be issued for all contributions of $10 or more.

To mail a cheque our address is as follows:


Camp Amy Molson

5165 Sherbrooke St Ouest

Suite 210

Montreal, Quebec H4A 1T6


For more information on Camp Amy Molson and how you can help please contact us at or by calling us at (514)484-9919.


Charitable Registration Number: 11882-6544-RR0001


You see that guy up there yelling at the top of his lungs? That’s Derek.


Around here, he’s known as our “head cheerleader.”


Almost a decade ago, he came to Camp Amy Molson as a first-time camper.


Back then, he struggled with a learning disability and issues with his home life. He had no idea what it was like to canoe, hunt for frogs, or plant vegetables in a real garden.


At Camp Amy Molson, he discovered lush green foliage instead of the cement streets and apartment buildings of his tough Lachine neighbourhood.


He made friendships, connected with people, and found self-confidence.


Derek is now one our Camp Leaders. And he is just one of our success stories.


Many children come to Camp Amy Molson to learn that life holds extraordinary opportunities, no matter what their abilities, no matter what their background, and no matter what path other people say their life is supposed to take.


For example, Derek continues to help Camp Amy Molson not only as a staff member and but as a donor.


In fact, he has such pride in our camp, he donated $1,000 to help us succeed in our mission!


Please join Derek in giving to Camp Amy Molson and experience the same pride that we all feel in teaching kids the essential skills they need to transform their lives.


Your donation to Camp Amy Molson goes towards the $250 we need to subsidize the stay of each camper. In other words, your donation helps us keep the lights on, the cupboards stocked and our kids learning!


Any donation you give helps us immensely and ensures our campers can grow up to make an impact on our entire community.


Thank you so much for donating!


Gift Cards (Walmart, Home Depot, Rona, Bureau en Gros, Independent Grocery Store, IGA, Canadian Tire)

Bed Frames and Mattresses

Sports Jerseys

Running Shoes

Christmas Gifts (5-13 girls and boys)

Hygiene Supplies

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Sound System (For Rec Hall or smaller sound system for smaller scale purposes)

Digital Cameras

Desktop Computer


Office Chairs

Sports Equipment





Affordable overnight camp

Camp Amy Molson is a affordable sleep-over camp for inner-city Montreal children, aged 5 to 13 years old. Camp Amy Molson offers 3 sessions of 15 days each.

The staff-to-camper ratio is better than one to three, so that all the youngsters are guaranteed very personal care.

With a sliding scale for registration fee's Camp Amy Molson tries to make camp an affordable option to all families.

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9:00 AM – 3:00 PM



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